Win Back At-risk Customers with Personalized Email Campaigns

4 Min Read.

At-risk customers are slipping away, but win-back flows can help. Segment these customers and target them with personalized messages to turn them into loyal repeat customers. In this guide, we explore the power of segmentation for win-back flows using By the Numbers and Klaviyo integration.

Who are your At-risk customers?

At-risk customers are those who last purchased 6-12 months ago and will likely churn unless re-engaged. By analyzing your store's historical data, By the Numbers employs advanced predictive machine learning tools and data science techniques to accurately identify at-risk customers. This enables you to precisely target and address these customers before they churn, ensuring a higher success rate in winning them back.

With this information, you can create personalized win-back flows that entice customers to return and keep coming back for more, using special offers and discount codes.

Target your At-risk customers using By the Numbers Segments

1. In By the Numbers, click "Segments" found in the left navigation menu and search for "At-risk customers."

Preset Segments page with search results for At Risk customers

2. Press "Sync" on the right side of the segment. If you haven't already set up your Klaviyo API key, you will be prompted to enter it now.

Klaviyo Inegration Popup

3. Now, create an email flow within Klaviyo targeting this group of customers. Select the At Risk Customers list as the Flow Trigger. In this example, we target customers with different messages, including special offers and discount codes, during the 6-12 month window when they are at risk.

If you have any questions, refer to our Klaviyo integration guide or reach out to our customer support team they are always happy to help!