Advanced Shopify Customer Reporting

Transform Customer Insights into Growth: Understand your customers, why you loose them and how they behave.

Understand Every Customer's Journey

Elevate your customer understanding to new heights with advanced reports on first-time customers, returning customer rates, and the detailed breakdown of first-time vs. returning customer sales.

‘By the Numbers’ allows you to see not just the transactions, but the stories behind them.

Discover what drives your customers to come back, how often they purchase, and what items capture the interest with reports that break down information for each customer segment.

This level of detail empowers you to create personalized experiences that resonate, increasing loyalty and lifetime value.

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Stop Loosing Your Customers Now

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Strategies for Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

With ‘By the Numbers,’ you can pinpoint exactly where you’re losing customers and identify opportunities to improve retention with advanced segmenting cohort analysis.

Dive into retention and repurchase rates to understand how your business retains value over time.

Uncover patterns in purchase frequency and latency, enabling you to predict when customers will return and what might entice them to make another purchase.

Crucial insights for crafting targeted retention strategies, reducing churn, and boosting your store’s performance.

Maximize Profitability Through Precision

Transform how you view and interact with your customer base using ‘By the Numbers’ advanced customer reports.

Calculate average sales per customer by segments to understand the types of customers spending most and why. Tailor your offerings accordingly.

Analyze purchase frequency over time to identify key moments for engagement and upselling.

By understanding the nuances of your customers’ buying behavior, you can create a shopping experience that not only meets their needs but becomes a service, fostering a community of loyal customers who are kept in your ecosystem.

Giving your store the maximum ROI from your customer acquisition efforts.

Client Testimonials

This Shopify KPI dashboard app is a game-changer. It's user-friendly with real-time insights into sales and customer trends. Seamless Shopify integration and responsive customer support enhance its value. Highly recommended for straightforward, effective business tracking.
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Bathroom Store Ireland
“I'm amazed with the goldmine of data available on By the Numbers. Being able to filter through years of sales and customer data is helping me to make better decisions about marketing and to be more efficient with my time and advertising budget. I appreciated the thoughtful app walk through I had with Piam and would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for long term success.”
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