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Automated Segments Done For You: Automatic segmenting of your customers using our Segmenting AI. Get marketing ready segmented customer groups & lists that you can upload and sync with your favorite platforms.

Segmenting Made Easy

Communication is important. It is the backbone of your business. To know how your customers behave, means knowing how to properly communicate with them. 

But gathering customer behaviour data, means countless hours go to gathering, compiling and analyzing large amounts of data. 

At By the Numbers, we believe the companies we work with should solely focus on creating the best products for their consumers. To build the community that they envision. 

That is why we work hard to solve this problem and create the segmenting technology that compiles your customer behaviour data and communicates it simply to you. 

Segment Your Customers Now

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Unlimited Custom Segments

Enjoy our preset segments or create your own! From a simple segment such as “customers who spent more than $99 on their first order” to complex ones like “customers whose first purchase is X, have LTV over $230, and haven’t purchased in the last 30 days” the choice is yours! Create any customer segment using any attribute which includes (but not limited to) product collections, discounts, and UTMs. 

Custom Segmentation Shopify

Use the power of Segments to:

  • Gain insights into your business performance by customer group
  • Create hyper personalized offers based on how a Segment has interacted with your brand
  • Find out the Average customer lifespan of your segment
  • Save costs on Klaviyo buy reaching exactly who you want
  • Automatically sync your Segments to our integrations like Google, Klaviyo, Meta, and more for rich campaigns

Client Testimonials

"Our store started with the free trial and quickly upgraded to Pro. I love the insights we get from this app, especially when using custom segmenting. Not only is it easy to use and get consistent value from, but their support team is phenomenal. They are incredibly prompt, kind, and solution-oriented. Thank you, By the Numbers!"
Rayne Nutrition
"Loving the app, absolutely crushes the shopify dashboard and insights. Great segments that we can pull out and utilize in email/sms marketing + the weekly email recaps are a nice tough. 10/10!"
Love Sweat Fitness

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