Predictive Forecasting & Goals

Falling Behind Without Noticing? Set Goals & Track Your Pace: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Goal Setting That Uses Machine learning To Tell You When To Pick Up The Pace Before Its Too Late.

Stay Ahead with Smart Goal Tracking

Ever worry you’re falling behind without realizing it? Our solution transforms that fear into confidence through intelligent goal setting and tracking. Say goodbye to surprises and hello to achievement with our advanced tool.

What We Offer:

  • Adaptive Goal Setting: Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly objectives tailored to your unique path.

  • Machine Learning Insights: Our system learns from your progress, offering timely nudges to accelerate before you veer off course.

  • Proactive Pace Adjustment: No more last-minute rushes. Get alerts that keep you moving at the right speed, right when you need them.

Your Success, Our Technology

Set Goals In Shopify

Set & Reach Your Shopify Goals With By The Numbers

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Your Success, Our Technology

Harness the power of machine learning to stay on track and ahead of your goals. Our tool doesn’t just monitor; it guides, adjusts, and gives you the data you need to ensure your success is never left to chance.

Embrace a future where progress is planned, and achievement is a constant. Let’s redefine success together.

Client Testimonials

“Highly recommended. The Loyalty, Segment and Cohort analysis sections are very comprehensive and the reports section has a lot of insights. The team made the enhancements we needed in an incredibly short time and went live. Great customer service..”
Mavi Jeans
“This app is great! Lost of very useful information, I especially love the customer loyalty report, using this report I was able to bring back customers that were about to the defect. The information in this report is extremely important and already paid for this app for the next few years!”

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