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Introducing the Loyalty Matrix: Treat Your Best Customers The Way They Deserve, Use the Right Words To Win Those Defecting Back.

What Is Our Loyalty Report

Our Loyalty Report is an advanced form of an RFM report. It uses all of your brand data to carry out detailed analysis building on top of these three core factors:

  • Recency (R): Measures time since last purchase; recent buyers are more open to new offers.
  • Frequency (F): Counts purchases in a period; more often means more loyalty.
  • Monetary (M) Value: Totals spending over time; higher spenders are more valuable.

The Loyalty report combines them with our own scoring methods. We are able to automatically segment customers enabling you to identify your most loyal and frequent buyers, those who might need incentives to make them your best, and others who may be at risk of drifting away.

What might’ve taken long hours to compile is now provided instantaneously. Our targeted approach allows for more personalized and efficient marketing efforts, aiming to enhance customer loyalty, increase retention, and drive sales

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Why You Should Be Using Our Loyalty Report.

Leveraging RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis, with our advanced Loyalty Reporting. Not only identifies your most valuable customers but also pinpoints those at risk of churn that you need to re-connect with immediately and everyone else in-between.

You can use our loyalty matrix reports to identify…

  • Which customers should you email to decrease churn or defection?
  • What Customers can I upsell higher priced goods too?
  • Who will engage with you the most?
  • Who & How should i advertise limited offers to only the groups that need it most.
  • How can I communicate better with my loyal customers?

Identify at-risk customers & Win Back Those Lost

Use Our App To Optimise Your Touch Points

  • Gain back dormant/lost customers
  • Stop customers from going elsewhere
  • Turn good customers into your best customers
  • Keep your best customers your best.

With an automatically generated list of customers in each customer segment, learn the behaviours of each segment to perfect your retention. Maximise your campaigns to optimize ROI.

Loyalty Journey

Client Testimonials

“Highly recommended. The Loyalty, Segment and Cohort analysis sections are very comprehensive and the reports section has a lot of insights. The team made the enhancements we needed in an incredibly short time and went live. Great customer service..”
Mavi Jeans
“This app is great! Lost of very useful information, I especially love the customer loyalty report, using this report I was able to bring back customers that were about to the defect. The information in this report is extremely important and already paid for this app for the next few years!”

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