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Get Everything In One Place: AdWords Reporting One Thing, Shopify another? Not sure who or what to listen to? Then Try By the Numbers…

Connect Your Ad Spend Deeper With Your Revenue

Navigate the complexities of digital advertising with our Advertising ROI reports. Designed for efficiency and clarity, these reports bring all your data under one roof, offering a unified view that’s both comprehensive and easy to understand.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Unified Data Platform: Centralize your advertising data for a clear overview. One platform, all channels, harmonized reporting.

  • Spend and ROI Analysis: See where every dollar goes and its return. Make smarter budget allocations with detailed ROI insights.

  • Lifetime Customer Value: Look beyond day-one revenue. Understand the long-term value of customers for more strategic planning & a better understanding of true ROI.

  • Integrated Sales Insights: All your sales data, integrated. Correlate advertising efforts with sales outcomes seamlessly.

Your Guide to Growth

With actionable insights right at your fingertips, make informed decisions that boost growth and profitability. Our Advertising ROI reports not just track performance but guide your marketing strategy forward.

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All In One Place Reported The Same Way

Its called having a single source of truth. Making sure you have all of your data in one place reported in the same way. So you know just how everything is stuck together. With our Advertising ROI reports you get just that including…

  • Spend & ROI on your advertising channels 
  • The life time value of those customers gained and not just the day 1 revenue.
  • Close access to all your other channels and sales reports all in the same place. Reported the same way. 

Client Testimonials

“We've recently started using By the Numbers and have been impressed with the ease of integration (no work required), ease of use, video tutorials and with the fast and relevant customer support. The development team listens to feedback and will make changes and enhancements where it makes sense which has been a refreshing surprise. Keep it up guys.”
Blake Mill
“Amazing app, GA4 Vs UA was a bit of a nightmare. This app saved our team. Giving us all the data we needed plus LTV and cumulative sales total to see how we are tracking is really cool. More so over being able to use the segmenting tool helped us cut our Klaviyo bill without loosing any conversions. Highly recommended.”
Herbalize Store UK

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