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Redefine Your Product Strategy: Advanced Reporting in ‘By the Numbers’ Reveals What Sells, What Sticks, and What Soars!” 

Dive into AI Powered Product Data

With ‘By the Numbers,’ gain unparalleled insights into every aspect of your product’s lifecycle. With AI Analysis & Recommendations to help guide you..

See total sales to detailed breakdowns by SKU and vendor, understand not just what products are selling, but the intricate ‘why’ behind each purchase.

Utilize advanced filtering to analyze trends, seasonal shifts, and consumer preferences.

Make informed decisions on inventory, discover potential product bundles, and tailor your marketing to what truly resonates with your customers.

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Gain Better Product Reports For Your Store

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Predict and Capitalize on Customer Trends

Discover the power of connection through our ‘Segmenting Product Sold Report’,  ‘Products Purchased Together‘ and ‘Movers and Shakers’ reports. Identify products that often sell in tandem to uncover cross-selling opportunities and bundle deals that your customers can’t resist.

Stay ahead of market trends with ‘Product Velocity,’ understanding which items are flying off the shelves and why.

By the Numbers’ reporting goes beyond surface-level data to bring you insights that can significantly boost your store’s performance.

Master Product Lifecycle and Repurchase Rates

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the longevity and repeat purchase rate of your products are key indicators of success.

With ‘By the Numbers,’ you’re equipped to track ‘Product Repurchase Rate‘ and analyze the lifecycle of your offerings. Identify which products keep customers coming back and which ones may need a revamp.

Use these insights to refine your product line-up, optimize stock levels, and craft marketing strategies that encourage loyalty and repeat business. Transform your product management approach and watch your growth accelerate.

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Client Testimonials

“The team behind By The Numbers certainly know how to deliver excellent customer service. Aside from delivering a clean app with easy-to-follow app navigation and a library of comprehensive financial/product reports, I had an exceptional onboarding meeting that helped me gain a deeper insight into the functionality and depth of the power of the app. I highly recommend this app and the team behin ....”
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“Working with the team one-on-one, we have been able to identify key metrics that have helped us make strategic decisions with our new product line launch. This has saved us several hours of research in regard to market demographics and customer behavior. We would recommend that for a business just starting out, or even at an enterprise level for product launches”

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