We're a passionate group of data nerds united by our love for turning numbers into actionable insights.

Our Mission

At By the Numbers, our mission is to provide Shopify-based businesses with automated actionable insights that enable data-driven decision-making. We are dedicated to creating intuitive, reliable solutions that empower our customers to succeed in the competitive e-commerce world. Through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to customer excellence, we aim to be your trusted partner that helps your business thrive.

Our Values

At our core, we uphold the values that drive our success: customer centricity, continuous improvement, collaboration, and data empowerment. Customer centricity is our guiding star, ensuring that our customers’ needs are not just met but exceeded. Continuous improvement fuels our relentless pursuit of better solutions, while collaboration empowers us to harness diverse perspectives for optimal outcomes. Lastly, data empowerment underpins everything we do, enabling our customers to unlock the full potential of their businesses through the transformative power of data-driven decision-making.


Our Team Has Years Of Expertise In Software Engineering, Design, Development, & Customer Support.

Cyrus S.

Business and Operations

Cyrus’ strategic vision drives our business forward, ensuring we continually meet our users’ needs.

Kristie C.

Marketing and Communication

Kristie orchestrates our marketing and communication channels, ensuring our brand resonates with our users.

Piam K.

Product and Support

Piam’s dual role ensures our product remains user-friendly while providing top-notch support to our community.

Elías R

Elías R

Customer Service

Elias makes sure that all our customers learn how to make the most of By the Numbers.

Pras V.

Engineering and Development
With a talent for untangling intricate challenges, Pras is the mastermind behind our app’s resilient framework.

I only live on Github

Fred S.

Engineering and Development

With a knack for solving complex problems, Fred is the brain behind our robust app architecture.


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