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 Facing Customer Churn?

Explore ‘By the Numbers’ Cohort Analysis to Understand, Engage, and Retain Like Never Before.

Turn Data Into Decisions

Dive deep into your Shopify store’s data without feeling overwhelmed. ‘By the Numbers’ simplifies complex cohort analyses, transforming vast amounts of information into actionable insights. See your customer’s behavior patterns over time.

Providing both the data and AI Generated recommendations. 

Identify your most valuable customer segments, and tailor your marketing efforts with precision.

With our intuitive interface, you’re always just a few clicks away from understanding the trends that matter most to your business.

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Ready to Transform Your Data into Growth?

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Segment, Filter, and Focus

Every customer is unique, and their value to your store varies.

‘By the Numbers’ allows you to segment and filter your customer groups easily, helping you to focus on the cohorts that drive your store’s growth.

Whether you’re looking to reward loyalty, increase retention, or reactivate past customers, our dynamic segmentation tools empower you with the flexibility to create targeted strategies that work

Optimize Your Marketing, Maximize Your Growth

Knowing your true ROI across various advertising platforms isn’t just beneficial; it’s crucial.

‘By the Numbers’ brings this capability to your fingertips by allowing you to track and analyze the performance of your marketing spend within our comprehensive cohort analysis.

Understand which platforms are truly driving value and adjust your strategies to maximize efficiency.

From Google Ads to Facebook, Instagram, and beyond, make every dollar count by investing in what works and cutting back on what doesn’t.

Elevate your advertising strategy with precise, data-driven decisions and witness a substantial increase in your ROI. With ‘By the Numbers’, Let data drive your decisions, your next campaign could be your most profitable yet.


Client Testimonials

By the Numbers has been a hugely helpful app for our company - allowing us to create segments and cohort analysis we can't do with Shopify alone! And their support team (incl. Fred) is very responsive whenever we need additional features added, custom reports or have questions of any kind
Incredible app, incredible support. I definitely recommend them. They care about their business and customers. They've built a really great analytics platform.
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