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By the Numbers - Shopify Analytics Done Better

Using a unique suite of data tools and reports, we help you gain a deep understanding of your customers, products, and sales. Our tools allow you to discover critical insights while automatically segmenting your customers, improving your marketing efforts for a greater ROI and decreasing churn.

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Why Use By the Numbers?

Better Ecommerce Reporting

With a large series of over 25 pre made reports. We made sure you have everything you need to understand you customers & your products better.

AI Customer Segmentation

Using AI & Machine Learning. We automatically segment your customers into key groups. Providing the ability also for countless custom segmentations.

Advanced ROI Reporting 

Ever wondered what the true life time value of your campaigns were? Those that give not just a sale but actual loyal customers. We have a tool for that.

Cohort & LTV Reports 

Not sure about returning customers? Need to know how soon and how frequently they come back. We exceed all other tools with our reports.

Predictive Forecasting

Ever have problems setting goals? Use our AI driven predictive forecasting tools to help you set & track goals more effectively than ever.

Customer Loyalty Analysis

Sending the same email to all your customers? With RFM and AI, we help you identify not only your loyal customers but also those you are at risk of losing.


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Build Audience Lists That Truly Convert

The most powerful audience builder on Shopify

Brands that highly personalize their campaigns to their customers preferences and behaviors achieve significantly higher conversion rates! 

This can be done by using our segmentation tool to create high converting audiences based on how your customers interact with your brand. 

Try our preset segments or create your own! From a simple segment such as “customers who spent more than $99 on their first order” to complex ones like “customers whose first purchase is X, have LTV over $230, and haven’t purchased in the last 30 days” the choice is yours!

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Automate Customer Retention

Our Integrations

Google Ads

Unlock deeper insights and see your customers full LTV linked to your ad spend. Identify campaigns driving long-term customers, not just one-off sales. Sync segments with Google Audience Sync and create tailored campaigns for bespoke AI powered lists & segments.



Achieve better ROI through segmented remarketing and targeting with Facebook Ads and Instagram. Gain deeper insights into your ROI and understand what's driving quality customers. *coming soon


Create bespoke AI powered lists and generate specific flows to retain your best customers, win back defecting ones, and save those at risk. Plus, effortlessly craft targeted campaigns.



Get better ROI through segmented remarketing and targeting . Get deeper insights to your ROI and what's driving quality customers.

Stop Guessing & Start Acting On Data

Use By the Numbers
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Lean on us to support your journey to data-driven decisions


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