Systems and Communication

All access to the website is restricted to HTTPS encrypted connections. All data retrieval from Shopify is done with your unique access token over a secure connection with Shopify’s API.

Integration with your Shopify shop is done via API keys.

By the Numbers is run on Google Cloud Platform and makes use of secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection and the global network that Google uses to protect information.

To enhance our insights, we integrate with OpenAI’s API. Data sent to OpenAI is transmitted securely and handled in accordance with strict security standards.

Employee Access

No By the Numbers staff will access your shop’s metrics unless required for support reasons.

When working a support issue we do our best to respect your privacy as much as possible, we only access the minimum data needed to resolve your issue.


When you purchase a paid By the Numbers subscription, your credit card data is not transmitted through nor stored on our systems. Instead, we depend on Shopify’s billing system to facilitate payments. No credit card or payment credentails are stored in our systems.

Contact Us

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