Introducing Segments

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Introducing Segments

Better insights into your growing business

Segments allow you to drill down into your store data to create advanced and highly targeted groups of Customers.

Track these customers using all of our reports that you already use — Sales, Average order value, Sales by shipping destination and more. Also, you can export customers into your preferred marketing app for highly targeted email campaigns to win-back or better engage with Customers.

Here is an example Segment workflow

Let’s create a Segment to track Recent Customers to measure and reduce their churn rate.

  1. Start by making a segment of all Recent Customers who have made a purchase in the last 30 days.
Segment creation interface

2. Isolate and export that Segment in order to send them targeted emails incentivizing them to repurchase.

Listing of customers in segment

3. View the Segment in the Overview dashboard. Reports will be filtered to Customers within the Segment. Track changes to the Repurchase rate and Average order value and other KPI’s.

Overview dashboard filtered to a segment

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