Quick Guide: The best Segments to start with on Shopify.

Segmentation is a game-changer in understanding and enhancing your Shopify store’s performance. In this guide, we delve into the power of prebuilt segmentation tools available in By the Numbers, a dedicated Shopify app.

Understanding Segmentation in Shopify

Segmentation in Shopify involves categorizing customers based on shared attributes for deeper analysis. We focus here on utilizing the 20+ prebuilt segments in By the Numbers, simplifying the process significantly, but you can always create your own custom segments as well!

Getting Started with Pre-built Segments

If you haven’t already installed By the Numbers, you will need to do so. The app offers a free 14-day trial so you can try it before purchasing. After installation, open the Segments page located on the left side panel under the “Customers” heading. You will see a list of automatically generated segments based on your store’s customers, including their behavior, demographic information, and purchase history.

Prebuilt Segments base on RFM analysis

These prebuilt segments offer instant and valuable insights into your business.

Selecting the Right Segment and Report

Utilizing segments can be diverse, such as for targeted email campaigns by integrating with platforms like Klaviyo. Pairing segments with appropriate reports is crucial. For instance, the “Top 25th Percentile Customers by Total Sales” segment, combined with the Products Sold report, uncovers the purchasing trends of your most valuable customers.

Another intriguing comparison is between customers using discount codes and those who don’t. The “Full Price Customers” and “Non-Full Price Customers” segments, when used with the Total Sales report, offer insights into their month-over-month performance.

We encourage sharing your favorite segment-report combinations with us! Your experiences help us and other users optimize Shopify businesses using segmentation strategies effectively.

Leverage these Shopify segmentation strategies with By the Numbers to unlock potential growth and a deeper understanding of your customer base.”

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