Acquisition vs. Retention: Understanding Customer Value

Welcome to BTN Data Academy, where we unravel the intricacies of customer value, focusing on the balance between acquisition and retention. In this enlightening video session, Cyrus and Piam take you on a journey through Shopify reports that provide essential insights.

We dive deep into the world of first-time and returning customer value. Average order values, purchase frequencies, and overall customer worth are demystified. Understanding these metrics is crucial for merchants looking to grow their businesses by effectively balancing their acquisition and retention strategies.

Whether you’re an experienced merchant seeking to fine-tune your approach or just starting your e-commerce journey, this concise walkthrough equips you with valuable knowledge. Making informed decisions based on customer insights is the cornerstone of sustainable growth.

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Join us in exploring the intricate world of customer value. Together, we’ll unlock the secrets of Shopify reports and gain a deeper understanding of first-time vs. returning customer dynamics. Stay tuned for more enlightening insights from BTN Data Academy!

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