How to Calculate Which Products are Most Often Purchased Together on Shopify

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    Discovering which products your customers purchase on Shopify can be challenging due to vague reports. That’s where By the Numbers can help. This app provides comprehensive data and allows you to customize reports, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers’ trend patterns. In this article, we’ll guide you through accessing the Products Purchased Together report on By the Numbers and comparing it to Shopify’s Online Store Cart Analysis report. 

    How to Access the Products Purchased Together Report on By the Numbers

    Step 1: Install the By the Numbers App

    Accessing the By the Numbers app is a breeze. Head to the Shopify App Store, locate the By the Numbers app and click install. This user-friendly app will provide relevant data in reports, helping you understand your customers’ trends and patterns for a better outcome. It empowers you to make informed decisions.

    Install By the Numbers app

    Step 2: Access the By the Numbers Dashboard and Navigate to the Reports Section

    You’ll find the Reports section on the left-hand side of the menu. 

    Navigate to Report Section

    STEP 3: Select the Products Purchased Together Report

    Search for the Products Purchased Together Report on the right side of the Reports section.

    How to Access Products Purchased Together report on BtN

    In the following screenshot, you’ll see what By the Number’s Products Purchased Together Report looks like:

    Products Purchased Together Report BtN

    Date Range: The calendar control is an excellent tool for seeing changes across various time ranges. It’s the tool you need to determine whether your marketing campaigns improved your sales or whether your retention campaigns attracted new customers.

    Sales Channel: This tool allows you to analyze the channels that can materialize sales. The options are All Sales, Website, POS Devices, iPhone Devices, Android Devices, Shopify API, Other Channels, and Draft Orders.

    Segments: The segment tool lets you use segmented audiences in your reports. You can pick any preset or custom segment to adapt the report data to your chosen customer groups.

    Minimum: The “minimum” choice sets the minimum number of orders in which a product is purchased with another product. Our system counts the number of orders that the products have been purchased together. For example, if one order has 1 product A and 1 product B, and another has 100 product A and 100 product B, those products have been purchased together twice. So you should conclude that if you see “bought together 100 times”, it means “100 orders are filled with product x and product y”.

    Finding what products are bought together is straightforward with By the Numbers. If you keep reading, you’ll find a way to do it with Shopify. However, the outcome won’t be the same since Shopify tracks the number of times two products are added to a shopping cart instead of the number of times those products are part of the same order that turns into a sale.

    How to Access the Online Store Cart Analysis on Shopify

    1- Access your Shopify store and click on Analytics > Reports

    2- Click on or search for Online Store Cart Analysis

    How to Access Online Store Cart Analysis on Shopify

    This is Shopify’s Online Store Cart Analysis report:

    The results are limited to 30 days and show the number of times a product was added to a shopping cart with another product. They also tell you which product was added first and which one was added after, plus a percentage of the carts they both shared.

    While useful, Shopify’s Online Store Cart Analysis report has limitations. It does not allow customization. With By the Numbers, you can quickly identify which items are usually purchased together by a particular segment of your audience. With just a few clicks, you can address them through channels such as Klaviyo, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and Meta Ads.

    Benefits of using By the Numbers to access your Products Purchased Together Report.

    By the Numbers stands out with unique features. Unlike Shopify’s report, it offers flexibility in using different date ranges, sales channels, and customer segments. This adaptability allows you to group results by the minimum number of times two items have shared an order. This allows you to explore specific customers, devise strategic ways to boost sales, and plan upgrades. By the Numbers puts you in control of your data and strategies.

    Not only will you be able to use preset and custom segments, but you will also have a straightforward way to retarget these groups through Klaviyo, Google Ads, TikTok Ads and Meta Ads. If you already use ads, BtN will import and incorporate that data into the reports.

    Custom Segmentation

    With By the Numbers, you can leverage various preset segments and create custom segments of your audience.

    Segmented Products Purchased Together report BtN

    This is the quickest path to access all the preset segments and create custom ones: 

    1- Log into By the Numbers and select the Segments option from the left-hand menu to explore all the Preset Segments and another Custom Segments tab.

    By the Numbers Segments

    2- Should you wish to investigate the details of a particular audience segment, the platform offers the functionality to craft your segments. Head to the Custom Segments tab or press the ‘Create Segment’ button in the top right corner. This will open a new window, prompting you to choose the filters you wish to apply. Segmentation serves as a direct route to enhancing sales performance!

    Remember to test your segment once you’ve selected the desired filters. This step ensures your filters are properly configured and offers crucial data about your customer segment.

    Customer Segment Information

    By the Numbers App Integrations

    Custom segmentation provides you with the ability to retarget customer groups. Consider the significant uplift in sales you could achieve by re-engaging customers deemed at risk of churning (those who last purchased in the last 6-12 months) with targeted campaigns across platforms such as Klaviyo, Google Ads, Meta, or TikTok. An additional essential feature of these platforms is the capacity to aggregate all your data from your integrated apps into various reports, thus broadening your analytical scope far beyond retargeting. This comprehensive integration ensures that all your data is in one place.

    By the Numbers’ App Integrations facilitate precisely this:

    1- Once logged in to By the Numbers, click on Integrations in the left-hand menu of your screen, found within the Settings section.

    2- Select the integration you want to incorporate and follow the instructions provided.

    By the Numbers integrations

    By the Numbers facilitates integrations with Klaviyo, Google Ads, TikTok, and Meta, enabling targeted engagement with customers across your channel of choice. Furthermore, a vital capability of these integrations is their ability to compile all your data from Klaviyo, Google Ads, Meta, and TikTok Ads into diverse reports. This feature significantly expands your analysis capabilities beyond simple retargeting efforts.

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