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The (Edison) Light Bulb Moment

In a recent conversation with Ilan, the owner of NostalgicBulbs.com, we learned about his journey of building his business.

Nostalgic Bulbs specializes in selling one-of-a-kind, beautiful Edison-style bulbs

Like most entrepreneurs, Ilan was busy with his brick-and-mortar store when an opportunity presented itself. At a trade show, he came across a classic Edison Bulb, which he knew right away would make a great business idea with a few tweaks.

Instead of building inventory in a brick and mortar store, Ilan started an online business and began connecting with customers across the country who were interested in highly specialized products. While he initially chose BigCommerce, Ilan eventually migrated to Shopify.

“Switching to Shopify made sense because they had a larger App Store, better store templates, and they were more customer-focused.” – Ilan

While Shopify managed his storefront, Ilan focused on several key performance indicators (KPIs) to best understand and grow his business. This included:

  • Tracking Customer Loyalty segments
  • Sales month-over-month
  • Products purchased together to understand Customer buying habits
  • Product movers and shakers to understand changing tastes.

One of the apps he uses to accomplish this is By the Numbers, which surfaces these KPIs and more. Interestingly, by tracking these metrics and KPIs, Ilan learned what was most important to his customers.

“It is extremely useful to know all our return customers and their level of loyalty. By the numbers App’s reports allow us to customize and tweak our marketing campaigns” — Ilan

Ilan from Nostalgic Bulbs with his signature Edison Bulb

Understanding the market has been a key reason for the success of Nostalgic Bulbs. From its inception to further refining the product catalogue, Ilan has used a combination of market knowledge, measuring KPIs and hard work to get to where he is.

If you’re interested in better understanding the performance of your business then try By the numbers App free for 14 days on Shopify. We are proud to be a part of Ilan’s story and hope you give him and his beautiful, unique light bulbs s a look.

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