How To Create The Best Customer Win-Back Series Using Segmentation

Customer churn will always be an issue for businesses, no matter what they do.

However, this doesn’t mean that they need to accept it without a fight.

A well-executed win-back campaign can have a huge impact on sales by recovering lost customers.

In this article you will find all you need to know to craft an effective win-back series segmenting your audience in a personalized way.

What is a Win-Back Customer Campaign?

A win-back customer campaign is a strategy to recover customers who haven’t engaged with your brand in a certain period of time.

In other words, instead of addressing your active customers, this type of campaign is designed for customers who are close to or have already churned.

Why are Win-Back Customer Campaigns Important?

Win-back campaigns are important for different reasons.

Here are the two most important ones:

The first one is that they help extend customer LTV.

When they come back, not only you regain lost revenue, but also their loyalty to the brand increases, which results in increased future spending.

The second one is that they offer insights on why customers churn.

If you use them to find areas of improvement, future churn will reduce.

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How to Create the Best Win-Back Series Using Segmentation

Step 1 – Analysis of Data

What experts in email marketing do is start by diving into the data and carry out a thorough analysis.

They do something called RFM analysis and they find out three things:

When was the last time a customer purchased your goods or services.

How often they purchased before churning.

How much money they spent.

When they have finished the analysis, they tailor the win-back campaign according to these metrics.

Step 2 – Segmentation of Inactive Customers

Now you need to craft the right message for the right customer. For this, there are some ideas to segment your customers. You will find extra information on how to segment your customers on Shopify in our article.

Check how long it has been since your customers’ last purchase and find out if their inactivity might be part of a trend.

Understand what products or services they bought which might have led them to churn.

Study demographics such as location or age before writing your messages and take them into consideration.

Also, analyze past engagements with your social networks, website or emails.

Imagine all of those customers who bought children clothes in March from a clothing brand.

The brand might contact them in September with customized back to school offers which will certainly result in a sales increase.

Step 3 – Set Up a Win-Back Campaign

Once you have segmented your customers, it is time to craft your email series.

If you have segmented them according to their past purchases, you might offer them a complementary product or service to something they have already purchased.

The general rule is that if they are not buying that complement from you, they are buying it from your competitors.

Some brands use only one email while others go for series of emails.

Here’s a basic structure of a win-back email series:

Email 1: Inform your customers about those complementary products or services that would solve a problem you know they certainly have.

Email 2: Give them an appealing discount if they try your products or services.

Email 3: Send them a reminder email highlighting the products and the discount.

Email 4: If your customers haven’t interacted with any of your previous emails, just send them the last one letting them know that they can come back any time they feel like it.

Personalize your Campaign

Make sure your personalize your messages and your subject lines.

Call your customers by their name and address the specific problems they have and the solutions they need. In the same way, keep in mind other factors such as age or location.

Nobody wants to be talked about things they don’t need.

Once you’ve gone through the data analysis you will find all the information you need about your customers.

Automate your Campaign

You need to ensure that your campaign is sent to the right customers at the right time.

That’s when automation kicks in.

Set up an automated flow triggered by customer interactions. You could schedule this series to be sent 6 months after your customers’ last purchase.

How to Leverage By the Numbers to Boost your Win-Back Campaign

By the Numbers can help you boost your win-back strategies providing you with insightful reports of your store and customers’ data.

It’s a tool specifically designed to track payment, behavioral and demographic data of your customers and show it to you in the form of easy-to-understand reports.

It has superb segmentation capabilities and the possibilities to apply them to your win-back strategies are endless.

Also, it allows you to retarget all of those lost customers through app integrations, such as Klaviyo, Google Ads, Meta and Titkok Ads.

This means that you only need a few clicks to find them, talk to them and win them back.


Efficient win-back campaigns are based on data analysis and customer segmentation.

This leads to understanding why customers churn. If you get to this point, you’ll find it easier to craft a message that is relevant and can re-engage a lost customer, which will also extend LTV.

By the Numbers help you comprehend why your customers do what they do. It brings to the table data to drive your decisions.

Ready to craft your campaigns with extreme accuracy? Try By the Numbers today!

Logo By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Empower your business with our Shopify Data Driven App

Shopify App Store
★★★★★ 5/5
  • ✔ Know Your Audience Behavior
  • ✔ Deep Customer Segmentation
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  • ✔ All The KPIs & Reports You Need
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