Love Yourself

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Love Yourself

Shopify supports a wide variety of different online businesses. Among the more interesting and novel is Love Yourself — a service that delivers fresh diet meals to your door. We had the opportunity to chat with Wojtek Kolan, an entrepreneur and Techie whose vision it is to make healthy diet meals accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Wojtek is an experienced serial entrepreneur with a background in Technology. Despite being capable of building an online storefront from the ground up, he decided to build his business on Shopify and take Tech out of the equation so that he could focus on what mattered most: Happy, Healthy Customers.

“Shopify makes the Tech easy so we can spend our time and energy on the meals, which is our real passion” — Wojtek

With Shopify serving the web site, that left the gourmet, healthy meals to be served by Michal Snela — a Michelin trained Chef with a passion for locally sourced meals made from whole ingredients.

The combination of Shopify and Michal are among Love Yourself’s secret ingredients and make for an ever changing set of freshly cooked meals that keep you healthy, satisfied and feeling great.

Using Love Yourself’s service, you can choose various diets with a calorie limit (1200/2500), including Keto diet, Performance Diet, Balanced Diet and Vege Diet then get five quality cooked meals daily including breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks delivered to your door every day. The service has worked so well that many customers see week-over-week weight loss and overall improved health by following the diet.

With his vision and strategy, Wojtek took this simple idea from Soup to Nuts in just two days by leveraging Shopify. And, as Love Yourself began to gain traction, he spent his effort improving the performance of his business by measuring Customer retention and understanding the Sales performance of different Customer cohorts.

For that task, Love Yourself uses a variety of key metrics:

One Shopify App he uses to accomplish this is By the Numbers, which surfaces these key metrics and more to help ensure the business is healthy and performing well. With a healthy pulse on his business, Wojtek and his team are focusing on what matters most: Healthy living through Health meals. So remember to LoveYourself and make sure you are eating and living your best life.