Funky Moose Records

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Setting new records

We got into the groove with Mark Poppen, the owner of Funky Moose Records to learn what makes his business spin.

Mark is a Web Designer who wanted to start his own online business after spending years building E-commerce web sites for other people.

Mark is a web designer who wanted to start his own online business after spending years building e-commerce websites for other people. He turned his love of vinyl records into a thriving online business with multiple employees.

When it came to choosing an e-commerce platform, Mark chose Shopify because of its easy-to-use templates that result in professional-looking stores.

As his business grew, Funky Moose Records started searching for rare and hard-to-find used vinyl records, turning first-time customers into loyal returning customers. By sharing his love of rare vinyl records, Mark gave his customers something to come back for every day, organically forming a community and loyalty from his customers.

While his business grew, Mark kept an eye on several key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage inventory and keep track of music trends and tastes. This included:

Now Mark has a growing online store with multiple employees and is excited to stay on track and set new records. If you're interested in better understanding the performance of your business, try the By the Numbers free for 14 days on Shopify. We are proud to be a part of Mark's story and hope you give him and his unique and rare vinyl records a look.

Now Mark has an expanding online store with a groovy team of employees and he's spinning with excitement to stay on track and break new records.